Albert von der Kammer, 1860-1951

The following information has come from Michael Vogelsang of Flonheim, Germany:

Albert von der Kammer from Klotsche near Dresden was one of the leading 'Open Brethren' in Germany in his time. He was a son of believers and was converted in early youth. While working as a businessman he started Gospel preaching in his hometown, Wolgast, in the eastern part of Germany. Later he spent all his time in the Lord's work, visiting many places, especially in Saxony. He was well known as the editor of the O.B. magazine, "Handreichungen aus dem Worte Gottes" (Helps from the Word of God) which consisted until 1917 exclusively of questions and answers about Bible verses and spiritual matters.

His hymn in 'Spiritual Songs' is no. 438; "How wonderful! that Thou the Son has come". It is a great favourite where the saints are gathered to remember the Lord Jesus in His death.

Hymns by Albert von der Kammer