Mrs Elizabeth Mills, 1805- 1829.

Notes from Dr. Julian's Hymnology:

Mrs Mills was the daughter of Philip King. She was born at Stoke Newington in 1805; married to Thomas Mills M.P. and died at Finsbury Place, London, April 21st. 1829. Her popular hymn, "We speak of the realms of the blest" (Heaven) is thus annotated in Millers Singers and Songs, etc. 1869, page 483. We are much indebted to John Remington Mills, Esq. M.P. for information about this hymn, written by his accomplished relative. The original has six stanzas, and was composed after reading "Bridges on the 119th. Psalm" (on verse 44 page 116) ... Already deservedly a favourite, new interest will be added to this hymn when we know that the authoress was early called to the "realms of the blest" of which she sang so sweetly, and that she wrote this hymn a few weeks before her death. The text of this hymn is usually given in an imperfect form. Few children's hymns have been received with more favour. It is found in almost every hymn book published for children in Great Britain and America during the last fifty years (1865-1915). In some collections it begins "We sing of the land of the blest" and in others, "We talk of the land of the blest".

Mrs. Mills' hymn in 'Spiritual Songs' is no. 433, 'We sing of the realms of the blest". It may have been written as a children's hymn, but its longings and anticipation of glory with Christ is something that adults can appreciate.

Hymns by Mrs Elizabeth Mills