Henry Ware, 1794 - 1843

Julian's account:

Henry Ware D.D., son of Dr. H. Ware, pastor of the Unitarian congregation at Hingham, Massachusetts, and afterwards Hollis Professor of Divinity at Cambridge, U.S.A., was born at Hingham, April 21st.1794. Before going to Harvard College, in 1808, he was under the care of Dr. Allyn of Duxbury, and then of Judge Ware at Cambridge. He graduated at Harvard with high honours in 1812; and was then for two years an assistant teacher in Exeter Academy. He was licensed to preach by the Boston Unitarian Association, July 31,1815; and ordained pastor of the Second Church of that city, Jan. 1st. 1817. In 1829, in consequence of his ill- health, he received the assistance of a co-pastor in the person of Ralph Waldo Emerson. In the same year, Ware was appointed Professor of Pulpit Eloquence and Pastoral care in the Cambridge Theological School. He entered upon his duties in 1830 and resigned in 1842. He removed to Framingham and died there Sept. 25th 1843. His D.D. degree was conferred upon him by Harvard College in 1834. Dr. Ware's publications as set forth in his "Memoir" published by his brother John Ware, M.D. were numerous and on a variety of topics. He edited the "Christian Disciple" which was established in 1813, and altered in title to the "Christian Examiner" in 1824, for some years before the change of title and gave it his assistance subsequently. The Rev. Chandler Robbins collected his works and published them in four volumes in 1847. His hymns, many of them are of more than usual excellence are given in volume 1. Ware's hymn in 'Spiritual Songs' is No.44, "Maker of earth and heaven, Whose Arm upholds creation". His original was "Father of earth and heaven, etc.".

With American Unitarians Dr.Ware ranks very high, and by them his hymns are widely used. Ware's hymn was included in all the editions of the Little Flock Hymn Book from 1856 to 1978. It seems strange that a Unitarian's hymn should be included in a hymn book for use amongst believers who believe in the Deity of the Son of God.

Hymns by Henry Ware