Miss C.A. Wellesley

There is no positive information about Miss Wellesley. Among the early brethren there was a Captain Henry George Wellesley. He was the second son of the first Baron Cowley, born in 1806 and died in 1875. Captain Wellesley was a nephew of the great Duke of Wellington, the Iron Duke, the victor of Waterloo.

John Hambleton, a well-known evangelist, contemporary with Richard Weaver and Henry Moorhouse, said of Captain Wellesley, "One honourable gentleman, Captain Wellesley, who had forsaken this world's wisdom and greatness that he might become wise in Christ, received me into his house .... He was well taught in the word, and saw death and resurrection to be the key to the whole Scripture. There was the expression of the true 'body features' — the wealthy aristocrat and the humble working man, together in the bonds of Christian testimony.

Whether Miss Wellesley was the daughter or niece of Captain Wellesley, we cannot dogmatically assert. Information may be forthcoming that will help.

Miss Wellesley's hymns in 'Spiritual Songs' are:

40 O Thou great all gracious Shepherd

70 Lord, our hearts are burning

227 Lord e'en to death Thy love could go

[Miss Wellesley translated Dr. Rossier's hymns]

419 Gathered to Thy Name, Lord Jesus

Nos. 419 and 227 are worthy hymns for the breaking of bread gathering. Nos. 40 and 70 are suitable for most gatherings of the saints as the Spirit leads in ministry and praise.

Hymns by Miss C.A. Wellesley