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108: KING of kings and Lord of lords

by J. Wilson Smith (1842-1922)

sung to Brandenburg midi score
by Anonymous
German Melody  (7s.)

1 KING of kings and Lord of lords,
Oh, how rich these glorious words!
Titles high and boundless fame
Now enhance the Saviour's name.

2 He who once was crowned with thorn
Crowns of glory now adorn;
Jesus sits upon the throne,
Hosts His triumph gladly own!

3 Blessed 'tis to see Him there,
Centre of that glory fair;
Thus our highest praise we bring,
Falling prostrate, worshipping.

4 Now within the Father's house
Well we know Him and rejoice;
Glad that He, e'en now, should share
All the Father's glory there.

5 Soon will He appear again,
Then His saints with Him shall reign;
Echo far the glorious words:
King of kings and Lord of lords.

Alternative tunes (7s.)

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