STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : 137: JESUS, Lord, we joy before Thee

137: JESUS, Lord, we joy before Thee

by Inglis Fleming (1859-1955)

sung to Stephanos midi score
by H. W. Baker (1821-1877)

1 JESUS, Lord, we joy before Thee,
Sorrow's night is o'er;
Foes are vanquished, Thou art Victor,

2 All the way Thy love has trodden,
We with gladness trace,
All Thy faithfulness and meekness,
All Thy grace.

3 To Thy Father's will obedient,
Thou to death hast been,
Righteousness and peace embracing
There are seen.

4 'Tis as risen, Lord, we hail Thee,
Shadows passed away;
Love has triumphed; Thou hast made us
Thine for aye.

5 Now the Father's name Thou tellest;
Joy is in Thine heart;
In His love in which Thou dwellest
We have part.

6 Joy we thus in Thee, Lord Jesus,
Gladly praising Thee;
Thine the triumph, Thine the glory
Ever be.

Alternative tunes (

Bullinger midi score
Come Thou Weary midi score