STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : 171: THY suffering love, Lord Jesus

171: THY suffering love, Lord Jesus

by G. A. Lucas
7 6.7.6.

sung to Heidelberg midi score
by M. Vulpius, c. 1560-1615
 (7 6.7.6.)

1 THY suffering love, Lord Jesus,
Our hearts delight to trace;
The love that sought and claimed us,
In strong yet tender grace.

2 We think of Thy devotion,
Thy blest obedience rare;
Thy holy, deep emotion,
Thy grief that none could share.

3 Thus to our hearts Thou speakest;
Blest Lord, we hear Thy voice;
We know its charm, its sweetness,
And in Thy love rejoice.

4 We wait the consummation
Of love's own work divine,
And now in adoration
We joy that we are Thine.