STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : 181: GLORY, Lord, is Thine for ever

181: GLORY, Lord, is Thine for ever

by E. Williams

sung to Blaenwern midi score
by W. P. Rowlands (1860-1937)

1 GLORY, Lord, is Thine for ever,
Ever Thine --- Thou art the Son!
Great the glory Thou art given,
Great the glory Thou hast won;
Great the glory and the splendour
Of the holy heavenly place;
Greater far the Godhead glory
Shining, Saviour, in Thy face!

2 Lord of glory, Thou didst enter
This dark world of sin and woe;
Veiled Thy glory, yet 'twas witnessed
By Thine own while here below.
Thou didst die, and now we praise Thee
In Thy glory, Lord, above;
For in death Thou hast declared
All the fulness of God's love.

3 Yes, we see Thee crowned with glory,
Highest honour to Thee given;
But the glory of Thy Person
Is the light that shines in heaven.
Thou art greater, glorious Saviour,
Than the glory Thou hast won;
This the greatness of Thy glory ---
Ever blest --- Thou art the Son!

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