STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : 224: OH THAT we never might forget

224: OH THAT we never might forget

by R. Viney

sung to Pater Omnium midi score
by H. J. E. Holmes (1852-1938)

1 OH THAT we never might forget
What Christ has suffered for our sake
To save our souls and make us meet
Of all His glory to partake;
But keeping this in mind, press on
To glory and the victor's crown!

2 But, gracious Lord, when we reflect
How apt to turn the eye from Thee,
Forget Thee, too, with sad neglect,
And listen to the enemy!
And yet to find Thee still the same!
'Tis this that humbles us with shame.

3 Astonished at Thy feet we fall,
Thy love exceeds our highest thought,
Henceforth be Thou our all in all,
Thou who our souls with blood hast bought;
May we henceforth more faithful prove,
And ne'er forget Thy ceaseless love.

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