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238: OUR Shepherd is the Lord

by J. Beaumont

sung to Priory midi score
by Anonymous

1 OUR Shepherd is the Lord,
The living Lord who died:
With all His fulness can afford
We are supplied.
He richly feeds our souls
With blessings from above;
And leads us where the river rolls
Of endless love.

2 Our souls He doth restore,
And keeps us in His way;
He makes our cup of joy run o'er,
From day to day;
Through love so full, so deep,
Anointed is our head;
Mercy and goodness us shall keep,
Where'er we tread.

3 When faith and hope shall cease,
And love abide alone,
Then shall we see Him face to face,
And know as known:
Still shall we lift our voice,
His praise our song shall be;
And we shall in His love rejoice
Who set us free.

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Westland midi score