STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : 248: THOU, Thou art worthy, Lord

248: THOU, Thou art worthy, Lord

by Miss Catherine Helene von Poseck (1859-1953)

sung to Ferguson midi score
by G. Kingsley (1811-1884)

1 THOU, Thou art worthy, Lord,
Of most untiring praise;
The Lamb once slain shall be adored
Through everlasting days.

2 Heaven's vault with praise shall ring
Louder and yet more loud;
Millions of saints Thy worth shall sing
Each heart in worship bowed.

3 Worthy! again, again ---
Angels with saints combine,
Ascribing to the Lamb once slain
Wisdom and power divine.

4 The tide shall still roll on,
That tide of endless praise,
Till every creature to Thy throne
Its voice in blessing raise.

5 O Lord, the glad new song
Is ours e'en here to sing;
With loyal heart and joyful tongue
We now our homage bring.

6 "Worthy!" we cry again,
"Worthy for evermore!"
And at Thy feet, O Lamb once slain,
We worship, we adore.

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