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284: THOU hidden Source of calm repose

by C. Wesley (1707-1788)

sung to St. Catherine midi score
by H. F. Hemy (1818-1888)

1 THOU hidden Source of calm repose!
Thou all-sufficient Love divine!
Our help and refuge from our foes,
Secure we are, for we are Thine;
And, lo! from guilt and grief and shame
We're hidden, Saviour, by Thy name.

2 Thy mighty name Salvation is,
And keeps our happy souls above;
Comfort it brings, and power and peace
And joy and everlasting love;
To us, with Thy dear name, are given
Pardon and holiness and heaven.

3 O Lord, our All in all Thou art,
Our rest in toil, our ease in pain;
The medicine of a broken heart;
'Mid storms, our peace; in loss, our gain;
Our smile beneath the tyrant's frown;
In shame, our glory and our crown.

4 In want, our plentiful supply;
In weakness, our almighty power;
In bonds, our perfect liberty;
Our refuge in temptation's hour;
Our comfort 'midst all grief and thrall,
Our life in death, our All in all.

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