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311: THEE we praise, our God and Father

by Inglis Fleming (1859-1955)

sung to Stephanos midi score
by H. W. Baker (1821-1877)

1 THEE we praise, our God and Father,
Thou Thy love hast shown;
Ere the world was, Thou didst choose us
For Thine own.

2 Thou Thine only Son hast given,
Thou art glorified,
For in love to bring us near Thee,
He has died.

3 By the Holy Ghost indwelling
We with Christ have part,
Father, we Thy children call Thee,
From our heart.

4 Love divine, our present portion,
Heaven's choicest store,
Thee we worship, God and Father,
Thee adore.

5 Soon in Thine own house around Thee
Still our praise shall swell,
Sons before Thee ever joying
We shall dwell.

6 For His praise who glorified Thee,
We like Him shall be,
Firstborn among many brethren
Praising Thee.

Alternative tunes (

Bullinger midi score
Come Thou Weary midi score