STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : 395: O SAVIOUR we would contemplate Thee

395: O SAVIOUR we would contemplate Thee

by W. Anglin (1882-1965)

sung to Meditation midi score
by P. Ellis (1879-1963)

1 O SAVIOUR we would contemplate Thee
In all Thy pathway here so lowly,
Thy life so pleasing to Thy Father,
So perfect, faithful, and so holy.

2 Though Son of God, yet Man of Sorrows,
With human grief Thou wast acquainted,
Through want and woe Thy pathway leading,
Yet ever wast with sin untainted.

3 O Lord, we see Thee in the garden,
In agony of intercession,
With falling blood-drops, tears and crying,
We contemplate Thy holy passion.

4 O Saviour, we Thy cross remember,
When Thou, the weight of sin enduring,
Becam'st the holy spotless Victim,
For us eternal life securing.

5 By faith we see Thee high exalted,
The crown of glory ever wearing,
Where every heart and voice united,
"The Lamb is worthy" are declaring.