STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : 422: GOD and Father, we adore Thee

422: GOD and Father, we adore Thee

by William Kelly (1821-1906)

sung to Placida midi score
by H. E. Gebhardt (1832-1899)

1 GOD and Father, we adore Thee
For the Christ, Thine image bright,
In whom all Thy holy nature
Dawned on our once hopeless night.

2 Thou didst send Him as the witness
Of a life beyond compare;
By Thy Spirit we received Him;
Now in Christ how blest we are!

3 Fellowship with Thee, the Father,
And with Jesus Christ Thy Son ---
Such Thine own most gracious giving
By Thy Spirit to each one.

4 For in Christ was life eternal
Once beheld and heard below;
And in Him dwelt all the fulness,
Though in grace He stooped so low.

5 Now in Him, our God and Father,
Sharers of Thy love are we;
Now partaking with our Saviour
His unceasing rest in Thee.

6 Grace divine is this, transcending
All that else the heart employs:
'Tis the Son and Father deigning
Us to give of Their own joys.

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