STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : 458: NOW around Thee, Lord, we meet

458: NOW around Thee, Lord, we meet

by Samuel Trevor Francis (1834-1925)

sung to Bennett Park midi score
by F. E. Race

1 NOW around Thee, Lord, we meet,
Sitting lowly at Thy feet;
Sacred fellowship, how sweet!
Saviour, we adore Thee.

2 Blessed Saviour, glorious Head,
From Thyself we take the bread,
Token of Thyself once dead,
Saviour, we adore Thee.

3 From love's hand --- O Lord, 'tis Thine ---
We would take this cup, this wine,
Symbol of Thy grace divine:
Saviour, we adore Thee.

4 Precious ointment we outpour,
Praise Thy name for evermore,
Spread Thy fame from shore to shore:
Saviour, we adore Thee.

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