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487: SWEET the theme of Jesus' love

by Albert Midlane (1825-1909)

sung to Clayton West midi score
by Anonymous

1 SWEET the theme of Jesus' love!
Sweet that theme all themes above;
Love, unmerited and free,
Our triumphant song shall be.

2 Love so vast that nought can bound,
Love too deep for thought to sound,
Love which brought the Lord of all
To the wormwood and the gall.

3 Love which led Him to the cross,
Bearing there unmeasured loss;
Love which brought Him to the gloom
Of the cold and darksome tomb.

4 Love which made Him hence arise
Far above the starry skies;
There, with tender, loving care,
All His people's griefs to share.

5 Jesus, Lord, accept our praise;
Now our hearts to Thee we raise,
Though we know Thy boundless love
Earthly praise is far above.

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