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491: WE praise Thee, our Father and God

by Anonymous Dactylic

sung to Celeste midi score
by Anonymous
"Lancashire Sunday School Songs" 1857  ( Dactylic)

1 WE praise Thee, our Father and God,
For the Son that came down from the throne,
For Thy Spirit that Thou hast bestowed
To tell us what Jesus has done.

2 We praise Thee that once He appeared
To put sin for ever away
By Himself, as the Victim that bled
For us who had all gone astray.

3 We praise Thee His work is complete,
And He has been raised by Thy hand,
While in righteousness Thee we can meet,
And accepted before Thee we stand.

4 We praise Thee that now by His blood
He has entered for us into heaven
To appear in the presence of God,
Since the veil by Thy hand has been riven.

5 We praise Thee that Jesus is near,
That He in His glory will come;
For salvation He soon will appear,
His waiting ones all gathered home.

Alternative tunes ( Dactylic)

Dursley midi score