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498: PERFECT eternal rest ---

by H. L. Rossier (1834-1928)
P.M. (

sung to Repos Eternal midi score
by Anonymous
Arr. by R. L. Haslup  (P.M. (

1 PERFECT eternal rest ---
Ever to serve, adore Thee!
During the endless day,
Thee, Lord, Thy saints shall praise;
Rapt, in mute ecstasy,
Casting their crowns before Thee,
Prone at Thy feet they fall,
Anthems of joy to raise.

2 Thee shall we contemplate ---
Gaze on Thy face adoring,
Saviour and Bridegroom --- Lord,
Beauty Supreme above!
Sounding the soundless depths,
Measureless heights exploring ---
Heights of Thy peerless grace,
Depths of Thy boundless love!

3 Jesus from Thee alone
Borrowing light transcendent ---
Sun, Thou, of Righteousness,
Lending Thy lustrous rays ---
Radiant, Thy bride shall wear,
Through the long age resplendent,
Glory immaculate ---
Thine own perfection's blaze.

4 Us wilt Thou contemplate ---
Pearl of Thy heart's deep longing,
Travail of Thy lone soul,
Fruit of Thy wondrous cross!
Then wilt Thou rest in love!
Thou wilt rejoice in singing, ---
Rest in triumphant love,
Singing for joy o'er us.