STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : 70: LORD, our hearts are burning

70: LORD, our hearts are burning

by Miss C. A. Wellesley

sung to Penitence midi score
by S. Lane (1843-1903)

1 LORD, our hearts are burning
For the glorious day,
When at Thy returning
All shall own Thy sway.
Chains shall break before Thee,
Mighty King of kings;
Angels will adore Thee,
While creation sings.

2 Tender, loving Saviour,
Lamb that once was slain,
Saints will through Thy favour
Never weep again.
Gently Thou wilt lead them
Where the river flows,
On its banks wilt feed them
In divine repose.

3 Prince of life and glory,
Shine before our eyes,
And let Calvary's story
Sound through earth and skies;
Lamb of God, receive us
To yon peaceful shore;
Come again, Lord Jesus,
Reign for evermore.

Alternative tunes (

Repose midi score
St. Albans midi score