STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : 90: THAT pathway! O let it be treasured

90: THAT pathway! O let it be treasured

by Mrs. H. A. Berg

sung to Rachel midi score
by J. P. L. Hindle, 1951

1 THAT pathway! O let it be treasured,
For none ever trod it before.
Those steps of aloneness unmeasured!
Our spirits must pause, and adore.

2 None, none had been laid in that manger,
And none had been laid in that grave
But Jesus, the heavenly Stranger
Who came wayward sinners to save.

3 Alone --- in the hall of decision,
His judgment was taken away:
Alone --- on the cross of derision,
Of darkness, distress and dismay.

4 Alone --- apprehended and taken,
While lovers forsook Him and fled.
Alone --- and completely forsaken,
God's judgment was poured on His head.

5 And yet 'twas for us He endured it;
Alone in perfection was He:
Our blessing --- He only secured it,
By dying alone on the tree.

6 Lord, Thou art no longer deserted!
The Father is sharing His throne
With Thee, who our judgment endured
That we might be never alone.

7 O love unsurpassed and unbounded!
O love that will ever endure
Until in the glory surrounded
With those Thou hast died to secure.