STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : 92: OH, the wondrous joy of dwelling

92: OH, the wondrous joy of dwelling

by H. P. Wells

sung to Cross of Jesus midi score
by J. Stainer (1840-1901)

1 OH, the wondrous joy of dwelling
Father, in Thy house above!
Every feature Christ reflecting,
And Thine own surpassing love.

2 Thoughts divine conceived in purpose,
There fulfilled for Thy delight;
All that shone in Christ, once humbled,
There expands in glory's light.

3 By the Spirit's power is strengthened
Every eye on Him to gaze;
Every view of Him unfolding
Wakes fresh bursts of joyful praise!

4 Every circle gathered round Thee
Yields of Christ some beauteous ray;
And for Thy delight and pleasure
Shines throughout the eternal day.

5 There Thy love o'er all transcendent
Shall for ever find its rest;
While each heart, its joy outpouring,
In that love is ever blest.

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