STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : 106: O JESUS, Lord, 'tis joy to know

106: O JESUS, Lord, 'tis joy to know

by James George Deck (1802-1884)

sung to Pembroke midi score
by H. Isaak, c. 1450-1517

1 O JESUS, Lord, 'tis joy to know
Thy path is o'er of shame and woe
For us so meekly trod:
All finished is Thy work of toil;
Thou reapest now the fruit and spoil,
Exalted by our God.

2 Thy holy head, once bound with thorns,
The crown of glory now adorns,
Thy seat, the Father's throne:
O Lord, e'en now we sing Thy praise,
Ours the eternal song to raise,
Worthy the Lord alone.

3 As Head for us Thou sittest there,
Thy members here the blessing share,
Of all Thou dost receive:
Thy wisdom, riches, honours, powers,
Thy boundless love has all made ours,
Who in Thy name believe.

4 We triumph in Thy triumphs, Lord;
Thy joys our deepest joys afford,
The fruit of love divine:
While sorrowing, suffering, toiling here,
How does the thought our spirits cheer,
The throne of glory's Thine!

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