STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : Hymns by James George Deck (1802-1884) (biography)
2 'TWAS Thy love, O God, that knew us
21 ABBA, Father, we approach Thee
22 O LORD, a few of Thine
27 LAMB of God, our souls adore Thee
28 LAMB of God, Thou now art seated
29 O BLESSED Saviour, Son of God
48 HIGH in the Father's house above
52 LORD, we are Thine, bought by Thy blood
85 O LORD, Thy love's unbounded
86 O LORD, Thou now art seated
106 O JESUS, Lord, 'tis joy to know
107 O LORD, 'tis joy to look above
109 JESUS! That name is Love
110 O GOD, Thou now hast glorified
123 JESUS, spotless Lamb of God
136 THE veil is rent: our souls draw near
146 WE bless our Saviour's name
149 LORD Jesus, we remember
151 LORD Jesus, when we think of Thee
173 "A LITTLE while" --- the Lord shall come
187 O JESUS, gracious Saviour
192 GREAT Captain of salvation
193 JESUS, my Saviour, Thou art mine
208 IN hope we lift our wishful, longing eyes
211 O JESUS Christ, the Saviour
212 CALLED from above, and heavenly men by birth
213 OUR sins were laid on the Saviour's head
214 HOW blessed is our portion! When we look
215 OH solemn hour! that hour alone
216 LORD, we rejoice, that Thou art gone
218 SOON will the Master come: soon pass away
219 LORD, what is man? 'Tis He who died
230 O LORD, when we the path retrace
234 WE'RE not of the world which fadeth away
278 SAVIOUR, we long to follow Thee
318 O LAMB of God, still keep us
327 LORD Jesus, are we one with Thee?
357 THOU hast stood here, Lord Jesus