STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : 29: O BLESSED Saviour, Son of God

29: O BLESSED Saviour, Son of God

by James George Deck (1802-1884)

sung to Meribah midi score
by L. Mason (1792-1872)

1 O BLESSED Saviour, Son of God,
Who hast redeemed us with Thy blood
From guilt, and death, and shame,
With joy and praise Thy people see
The crown of glory worn by Thee,
And worthy Thee proclaim.

2 Exalted by the Father's love,
All thrones, and powers, and names above,
At God's right hand in heaven:
Wisdom and riches, power divine,
Blessing and honour, Lord, are Thine ---
All things to Thee are given.

3 Head of the church, Thou sittest there;
Thy members all the blessings share;
Thy blessing, Lord, is ours:
Our life Thou art; Thy grace sustains;
Thy strength in us each victory gains
O'er sin and Satan's powers.

4 And soon, the day of glory come,
Thy bride shall reach her destined home
And all Thy beauty see:
How great our joy to see Thee shine,
To hear Thee own us, Lord, as Thine,
And ever dwell with Thee!

Alternative tunes (

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