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234: WE'RE not of the world which fadeth away

by James George Deck (1802-1884)

sung to Lion of Juda midi score
by Anonymous

1 WE'RE not of the world which fadeth away,
We're not of the night, but children of day;
The chains that once bound us by Jesus are riven,
We're strangers on earth, and our home is in heaven.

2 Our path is most rugged, and dangerous too,
A wide trackless waste our journey lies through;
But the pillar of cloud that shows us our way
Is our sure light by night, and shades us by day.

3 Our Shepherd is still our Guardian and Guide;
Before us He goes to help and provide;
The springs that refresh us by Him have been given,
Our bread is the Manna that came down from heaven.

4 'Mid mightiest foes most feeble are we,
Yet trembling before our great Leader they flee;
The Lord is our banner, the battle is His,
The weakest of saints more than conqueror is.

5 And soon shall we enter our own promised land,
Before His bright throne in glory shall stand;
Our song then for ever and ever shall be,
All glory and blessing, Lord Jesus, to Thee!

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