STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : 235: WE'LL praise Thee, glorious Lord

235: WE'LL praise Thee, glorious Lord

by John Nelson Darby (1800-1882)

sung to St. Michael midi score
by L. Bourgeois, c. 1510- c. 1561

1 WE'LL praise Thee, glorious Lord,
Who died to set us free,
No earthly songs can joy afford
Like heavenly melody.

2 Love that no suffering stayed,
We'll praise true love divine;
Love that for us atonement made,
Love that has made us Thine.

3 Love in Thy lonely life
Of sorrow here below;
Thy words of grace, with mercy rife,
Make grateful praises flow.

4 Love that on death's dark vale
Its sweetest odours spread,
Where sin o'er all seemed to prevail,
Redemption's glory shed.

5 And now we see Thee risen,
Who once for us hast died,
Seated above the highest heaven,
The Father's glorified.

6 Soon wilt Thou take Thy throne,
Thy foes Thy footstool made,
And take us with Thee for Thine own,
In glory love displayed.

7 Jesus, we wait for Thee,
With Thee to have our part;
What can full joy and blessing be
But being where Thou art?

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