STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : Hymns by John Nelson Darby (1800-1882) (biography)
12 SING, without ceasing sing
14 HARK! ten thousand voices crying
25 FATHER, Thy name our souls would bless
64 OH bright and blessed scenes
76 RISE, my soul, thy God directs thee
79 REST of the saints above
81 O LORD, Thy glory we behold
101 IT is not with uncertain step
139 THIS world is a wilderness wide
160 OH bright and blessed hope
169 THERE is rest for the weary soul ---
235 WE'LL praise Thee, glorious Lord
247 AND is it so? we shall be like Thy Son
270 AND shall we see Thy face
314 LORD, to our souls Thy light is ever pure
331 FATHER, Thy sovereign love has sought
343 O LORD, Thy love's unbounded
348 BLEST Lord, Thou spakest! 'twas Thy voice
356 A HOLY Father's constant care
387 WHERE the saints in glory thronging
400 OH, day of deepest sorrow
406 BLEST Father, infinite in grace
431 WE praise Thee, Lord, in strains of deepest joy
450 LORD Jesus, precious Saviour
452 LORD Jesus, homeless Stranger
453 LORD Jesus! source of every grace