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387: WHERE the saints in glory thronging

by John Nelson Darby (1800-1882)

sung to Beaumaris midi score
by Anonymous

1 WHERE the saints in glory thronging,
Where they feed on life's blest tree ---
There is stilled each earnest longing,
Satisfied our souls shall be.

2 Safety --- where no foe approaches;
Rest --- where toil shall be no more;
Joy --- whereon no grief encroaches;
Peace --- where strife shall all be o'er.

3 Where deceiver ne'er can enter,
Sin-soiled feet have never trod;
Free --- our peaceful feet may venture
In the paradise of God.

4 Drink of life's perennial river,
Feed on life's perennial food,
Christ, the fruit of life, and giver ---
Safe through His redeeming blood.

5 Object of eternal pleasure,
Perfect in Thy work divine!
Lord of glory! without measure
Worship, joy and praise are Thine.

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