STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : 12: SING, without ceasing sing

12: SING, without ceasing sing

by John Nelson Darby (1800-1882)

sung to Venice midi score
by W. Amps (1824-1910)

1 SING, without ceasing sing
The Saviour's present grace,
How all things shine in light divine
For those who've seen His face.

2 He's gone within the veil,
For us that place has won;
In Him we stand, a heavenly band,
Where He Himself is gone.

3 There all's unsullied light,
Our hearts let in its rays;
And heavenly light makes all things bright,
Seen in that blissful gaze.

4 Such here on earth we are,
Though we in weakness roam;
Our place on high, God's self so nigh,
His presence is our home.

5 And stayed by joy divine,
As hireling fills his day,
Through scenes of strife and desert life
We tread in peace our way.

6 That way is upward still,
Where life and glory are;
Our rest's above, in perfect love
The glory we shall share.

7 For ever with the Lord,
For ever like Him then,
We'll see His face in that blest place,
Our Father's house in heaven.

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