STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : 331: FATHER, Thy sovereign love has sought

331: FATHER, Thy sovereign love has sought

by John Nelson Darby (1800-1882)

sung to Saved By Grace midi score
by G. C. Stebbins (1846-1945)

1 FATHER, Thy sovereign love has sought
Captives to sin, gone far from Thee;
The work that Thine own Son hath wrought,
Has brought us back in peace and free.

2 And now as sons before Thy face,
With joyful steps the path we tread,
Which leads us on to that blest place
Prepared for us by Christ our Head.

3 Thou gav'st us, in eternal love,
To Him to bring us home to Thee,
Suited to Thine own thought above,
As sons like Him, with Him to be

4 In Thine own house. There love divine
Fills the bright courts with cloudless joy;
But 'tis the love that made us Thine,
Fills all that house without alloy.

5 O boundless grace which fills with joy
Unmingled all that enter there!
God's nature, love without alloy,
Our hearts are given e'en now to share.

6 God's righteousness with glory bright,
Which with its radiance fills that sphere,
E'en Christ, of God the power and light,
Our title is that light to share.

7 O mind divine, so must it be
That glory all belongs to God:
O love divine, that did decree
We should be part, through Jesus' blood.

8 O keep us, love divine near Thee,
That we our nothingness may know,
And ever to Thy glory be
Walking in faith while here below.

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