STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : 233: JESUS, Lord, we come together

233: JESUS, Lord, we come together

by Thomas Henry Reynolds (1830-1930)
1 JESUS, Lord, we come together
In the bonds of Thine own love;
Thou hast drawn our footsteps hither,
Its deep meaning now to prove.

2 Closed the door --- we leave behind us
Toil and conflict, foes and strife;
And within, Thy love doth bind us
In one fellowship of life.

3 Here together we recall Thee,
In Thy presence break the bread;
Never more can grief befall Thee,
Thou art risen from the dead.

4 But Thy love remains, that entered
Into death to make us Thine;
In that death all love was centred ---
Thankful now we drink the wine.

5 Thou dost make us taste the blessing,
Soon to fill a world of bliss;
And we bless Thy name confessing
Thine own love our portion is.

6 Sweet it is to sit before Thee,
Sweet to hear Thy blessed voice,
Sweet to worship and adore Thee,
While our hearts in Thee rejoice.

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