STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : 215: OH solemn hour! that hour alone

215: OH solemn hour! that hour alone

by James George Deck (1802-1884)

sung to Crucifixion midi score
by A. Hall (1785-1827)

1 OH solemn hour! that hour alone
In solitary might,
When God the Father's only Son,
As man for sinners to atone,
Expires --- amazing sight!
The Lord of glory crucified!
The Prince of life has bled and died!

2 O mystery of mysteries!
Of life and death the tree;
Centre of two eternities,
Which look, with rapt, adoring eyes,
Onward and back to Thee.
O cross of Christ, where all His pain
And death is our eternal gain.

3 Oh, how our inmost hearts do move
While gazing on that cross!
The death of the Incarnate Love!
What shame, what grief, what joy we prove,
That He should die for us!
Our hearts were broken by that cry,
"Eli, lama sabachthani?"

4 Worthy of death, O God, we were;
Thy judgment was our due;
In grace Thy spotless Lamb did bear
Himself our sins and guilt and shame;
Justice our surety slew,
With Him our surety we have died,
With Him we there were crucified.