STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : 260: FATHER, Oh, what boundless glory

260: FATHER, Oh, what boundless glory

by L. M. Grant

sung to Wellesley midi score
by L. S. Tourjee (1858-1913)

1 FATHER, Oh, what boundless glory
In Thy name of love we know,
No more sweet, more wondrous story,
Than Thy heart revealed below.

2 Thou whose blessed name is Holy ---
Majesty supreme is Thine;
Yet in One so meek and lowly
We behold Thy brightness shine!

3 He in whom Thy heart delighted,
Sent to earth, to grief and shame:
Here, where all before had slighted,
He alone declared Thy Name.

4 'Mid the darkness, Light resplendent,
Purest, gentlest Stranger, He;
While the world, in bitter ferment,
Hated both Himself and Thee.

5 Then the cup, from Thy hand given,
E'en to Thy beloved Son!
Perfume sweet ascends to heaven:
His most glorious work is done.

6 Blessed, beauteous contemplation ---
Theme more full than all beside ---
Cause of deepest adoration ---
Thou, through Christ, art glorified!

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