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287: FATHER divine, in grateful love

by Miss Catherine Helene von Poseck (1859-1953)

sung to Prospect midi score
by Anonymous
English Melody, 19th C.  (C.M.D.)

1 FATHER divine, in grateful love
We bow before Thy face,
While for Thy gift unspeakable
Our souls o'erflow with praise;
Thine only Son, Thy heart's delight
Far back, ere time began,
Thou in Thy boundless love didst give
To die for ruined man.

2 Thou gavest Him, well knowing all
That lay before Him here ---
The thorny crown, the purple robe,
The gall, the cruel spear;
And in that hour of woe supreme
Did Jesus bear our sin ---
The patient, holy, suffering Lamb,
Of God forsaken then.

3 Father, this mystery of love
Must all our praise excel:
No human, no angelic tongue
Its wondrous depths can tell;
For what were we that Thou on us
Such love shouldst ever pour?
We bow, and, filled with joy and awe,
Father and Son adore.

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