STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : 292: HALLELUJAH! Christ hath conquered ---

292: HALLELUJAH! Christ hath conquered ---

by Miss Catherine Helene von Poseck (1859-1953)

sung to Calvary midi score
by S. Stanley (1767-1822)

1 HALLELUJAH! Christ hath conquered ---
Conquered sin and death and hell:
Sing aloud His mighty triumphs,
Gladly now His praises tell;
Jesus hath done all things well.

2 Him, who once as Man of sorrows
Bore for us our sins and shame,
Glad we hail as King of glory ---
His a never-ending fame;
Praise, for ever praise, His name.

3 Son of God, in adoration
Low we bow before Thy face,
And with loving hearts, Lord Jesus,
Sing the marvels of Thy grace;
Thee we worship, Thee we praise.

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