STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : 336: BEHOLD, what wondrous love and grace

336: BEHOLD, what wondrous love and grace

by W. Sanders

sung to Pater Omnium midi score
by H. J. E. Holmes (1852-1938)

1 BEHOLD, what wondrous love and grace!
When we were wretched and undone,
To save a ruined, helpless race,
The Father gave His only Son!
Of twice ten thousand gifts divine,
No gift like this could ever shine.

2 O gift of love unspeakable!
O gift of mercy all divine!
We once were slaves of death and hell,
But in Christ's image we shall shine:
For every gift a song we raise,
But this demands eternal praise.

3 Praise shall employ these tongues of ours,
Till we with all the saints above,
Extol His name with nobler powers,
And see the ocean of His love:
Then, while we look, and wondering gaze,
We'll fill the heavens with endless praise.

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