STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : 420: GLADLY let us join to sing

420: GLADLY let us join to sing

by William J. Hocking (1864-1953)

sung to Brandenburg midi score
by Anonymous
German Melody  (7s.)

1 GLADLY let us join to sing,
Heart and lips united bring,
In a strain of sweet accord
To our Saviour, Christ the Lord.

2 Crowned above in heavenly light,
What an all-transcending sight!
Worthy Lord, we bow the knee,
Power and praise belong to Thee.

3 Chiefest name in earth or heaven
To the Son of man is given;
Hallelujah! nought shall claim
Higher glory than Thy name.

4 Now, O Lord, we sing to Thee,
Thou our song eternally;
When above on Thee we gaze,
Heaven shall swell with perfect praise.

Alternative tunes (7s.)

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