STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : 419: GATHERED to Thy name, Lord Jesus

419: GATHERED to Thy name, Lord Jesus

by Miss C. A. Wellesley
1 GATHERED to Thy name, Lord Jesus,
Losing sight of all but Thee,
Oh, what joy Thy presence gives us,
Calling up our hearts to Thee!

2 Yet with reverence we would linger
In the shadow of Thy cross,
Which has closed our hearts for ever
To the world and all its dross.

3 Loved with love which knows no measure
Save the Father's love to Thee,
Blessed Lord, our hearts would treasure
All the Father's thoughts of Thee.

4 Blood-bought, reconciled, forgiven,
Here Thy death we love to show,
Waiting till above in heaven
All Thy glory we shall know.

5 Oh, the joy, the wondrous singing
When we see Thee as Thou art,
Thy blest name, Lord Jesus, bringing
Sweetest music to God's heart!

6 Notes of gladness, songs unceasing,
Hymns of everlasting praise,
Psalms of glory, joy increasing,
Through God's endless day of days!

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