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444: JESUS, God's Lamb, in the midst

by Emil Donges (1853-1923)

sung to Lobe den Herren midi score
by Anonymous
"Stralsund Gesangbuch", 1665  (P.M.)

1 JESUS, God's Lamb, in the midst
Of the throne Thou art crowned;
Thou once on Calvary sufferedst,
Of man the disowned;
Worthy art Thou,
Glory encircles Thy brow,
Son of the Father enthroned.

2 We Thy beloved assembled
Remember Thy dying;
Unto the death of our Lord
Our full hearts are replying;
Thou hast loved us,
Jesus, who gav'st Thyself thus;
We on Thy love are relying.

3 Here upon earth till Thy coming
Thy death we are showing;
But unto Thee in the glory
Our hearts are outgoing;
To Thee above,
Centre of glory and love,
Gladly our worship is flowing.

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