STEM Publishing : hymns : Spiritual Songs : 166: LORD, Thou hast drawn us after Thee

166: LORD, Thou hast drawn us after Thee

by P. Gerhardt (1607-1676)
(tr. by J. Wesley)

sung to Treasures midi score
by J. L. F. Hainlin (1750-1823)

1 LORD, Thou hast drawn us after Thee,
Now let us run and never tire;
Thy presence shall our comfort be,
Thyself our hope, our sole desire,
Our present Saviour, while nor fear
Nor sin can come if Thou art near.

2 What in Thy love possess we not?
Our star by night, our sun by day,
Our spring of life when parched with drought,
Our wine to cheer, our bread to stay,
Our strength, our shield, our safe abode,
Our robe before the throne of God!

3 Unchangeable Thy gracious love
Our earthly path has ceaseless viewed;
Ere yet these beating hearts could move,
Thy tender mercies still pursued;
Ever with us may they abide,
And close us in on every side.

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